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Ive always been in tune with my gut, able to know things I shouldn’t know, such as pregnancy, deaths, impending doom type feelings, but as I began developing my gift, I discovered I was able to do much more. I can get information, evidence from spirit to help prove there is life after death, I can help get answers needed, and I can seek guidance to help you on your path. I see, I hear and I smell. I can be transported to your loved ones house, and describe the whole home, carpets, ornaments, general decoration etc in great detail. I can get all sorts of validating information. I can also do this when were not in the same room, so by text or zoom, or phone.

Part of my journey though is to help develop and grow others, to help you develop your skills and gifts. I can use tarot and pendulums, and teach you these tools too. Ive even used a crystal ball and tea leaves before.

My aim, is to show love, compassion and support, and bring you just a step closer to either passed loved ones, or spirit generally. 

Please look at my services to see all I offer. I’m based in Ipswich.

Be the beautiful butterfly